Refillable fountain pen ink cartridges

National Handwriting Day! Which is the best and why? Just got a new fountain pen and it does not write at all If I have a fountain pen with an ink converter, can I use the same converter for different color inks? Do I have to clean the converter out when using a different color ink? What is the difference between a fountain pen cartridge and a fountain pen converter?

What fountain pen ink is the best for my fountain pen? What fountain pen inks are waterproof? How long does a fountain pen ink cartridge last? Is it OK to fly with a fountain pen? Will they leak? Why does my fountain pen skip? How do I clean a dried out fountain pen which has not been used for a long time? Our Company. About Us. Contact Us. Our Guarantee.

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refillable fountain pen ink cartridges

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Country of Origin. Product Reviews. Fountain Pen Quiz. Nib Tipping Chart. Fountain How Tos. Cash in your "ink drops" for free stuff!Their wide range of ink colors and nib styles allows customization to suit any drawing style. Plus, in the long run, investing in a good-quality refillable fountain pen can benefit you and the environment. Read on to learn what factors to consider when drawing with a fountain pen and our top selections for your kit.

The Prera is a more polished older sibling to the weightier Pilot Metropolitanbeginner-friendly Pilot Kakunoand long-bodied Pilot Penmanshipall of of which we highly recommend as affordable options. The Kakuno and the Penmanship even have extra-fine nibs.

Feel free to mix and match—all nibs can be swapped between members of this family of pens. For additional flex, but wetter lines that aren't ideal for drawing out the go, investigate the Noodler's Triple Tail.

refillable fountain pen ink cartridges

If you want a less-finicky flex option and are willing to invest in quality, look into the Pilot Falcon. Fountain pens come with a staggering variety of nib options. A few rarer nib shapes, not pictured here, include fude nibs and zoom nibs. Fude nibs, which have a distinctive ski-jump look, behave like the mirror-universe twins of italic nibs, creating narrow vertical strokes and wide horizontal strokes.

Zoom nibs, which are thicker at the very tip, control line width by changing the angle between pen and paper.

refillable fountain pen ink cartridges

Before you pick an ink, double-check to see if the pen you love takes ink cartridges or uses a piston filling mechanism. For more options and demonstrations, read our guide to water-soluble inks. For more options, investigate our guide to waterproof inks. Fountain pens write their best on smooth paper. The Alpha has a slightly rougher tooth that will be ideal if you want to incorporate colored pencils or other dry mixed media, while the Zeta has smooth, extra heavyweight paper suitable for additional water brush usage.

You can reduce chances of leakage by storing your pen in a case with the tip pointing up. If worst comes to worst, only the feed will be able to leak, not the whole reservoir. Keep your fountain pen safer in a case with individual loops like the Concise Bellows Pen Case.

This also will prevent other pens in the case from bumping against the pen and scratching it. Drawing Techniques A water brush and a Pilot Parallel created this drawing. As we mentioned, a water brush can be used to create ink washes. This works best on loose, organic drawings, as lines will fuzz and you may not have precise control over the effects.

Instead of scribbling over and over to cover an area, try this instead. Texture is a key tool in adding liveliness to your drawing. But consider your use of negative space and balance your ink with the blank page.Tired of throwing away empty fountain pen ink cartridges? It also allows you to use other inks that may not be available in cartridge form for your pen.

First, a clean empty ink cartridge. Then, your favorite bottle of ink. Most importantly, you need a blunt-tipped syringe to use in filling the cartridge. Make sure to subscribe to our blog and also to our YouTube Channel! National Handwriting Day! The process used to Refill Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges utilizes very simple techniques: First and foremost, open your bottle of ink.

Then, take your syringe and carefully fill it to, or just past, the 1ml mark. After filling your syringe, gently put the tip into the empty cartridge. Very carefully fill the cartridge, making sure to go slow. Unfortunately, ink cartridges, after they have been punctured, cannot be resealed, so you cannot store these cartridges for later use.

So, take your favorite pen and load your newly refilled cartridge into it! Our Company. About Us. Contact Us. Our Guarantee. Privacy Policy.

Fountain Pen Blog. Account Details. My Account. Ink Rewards. Fountain Pen Day. Ballpoint Pen Day. National Stationery Week. National Handwriting Day.In the world of fountain pens, there are a number of tricks and techniques that separate the power users from the casuals. One of these techniques is refilling an empty ink cartridge with bottled ink using a syringe. Instead of throwing out or recycling your used cartridges, refilling them is more environmentally friendly and also more economical.

Ink cartridges can cost two to four times more per milliliter than bottled inks, so the savings from refilling from a bottle really do add up over time. There are also advantages to refilling cartridges instead of using a converter —the most common way to fill pens with bottled ink. Second, cartridges can hold about twice as much ink as a similarly sized converter, so you can go twice as long between refills. If you have one of these pens, like the Kaweco Liliputrefilling cartridges is the only way to enjoy the advantages of bottled ink.

Most cartridges can be refilled at least a few times, but eventually they will wear out. Syringe needles typically come in a selection of needle gauges, or diameters.

We recommend using a needle between 16 and 20 gauge. One more tip—the volume markings on the sides of syringes rub off easily when wet. To preserve them, cover the markings with clear tape or nail polish. If there are any traces of old ink left in the cartridge, use your syringe to pump water into the cartridge until it is clean.

Then, use the syringe to remove as much of the water as you can. To avoid diluting the new ink, disassemble the syringe and use a cotton swab to absorb any water droplets left inside. Use the glue gun to apply a circle of glue around the opening of the cartridge. Slowly fill in the opening with glue until a solid seal has been formed. We recommend using enough glue to create a lip over the edge of the cartridge.

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Second, the bigger the gap that the glue seal is filling, the harder it is to remove the seal cleanly. JetPens is accepting and shipping orders. Account Lists Pens. Fountain Pens. Flex Nib. Piston Fill. Vacuum Fill. Ballpoint Pens.

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How To Refill Fountain Pen Ink Cartridges

Natural Hair. Synthetic Bristle.Most newer fountain pens use plastic ink cartridges. You can refill your own and save a lot of money. Refilling also eliminates the problem of finding the cartridge you need in stores. Bottled ink is easy to find when fountain pens are popular, but harder to find when they are less popular. Their popularity seems to ascend every few years and then fade after a few more years.

If you live near a store that specializes in fountain pens, there is no problem. Otherwise, you can order bottled ink from several suppliers on the Internet. Do not use calligraphy ink in a fountain pen. Fountain pens have come full circle. A very early fountain pen used a glass cartridge fitted onto a rubber cone behind the nib. The user filled the glass cartridge and pushed it onto the rubber cone.

Later rubber bladders and piston systems came along. Some of these got to be quite elaborate mechanically, while others were quite simple. Almost fifty years ago the plastic cartridge became popular and pens now use cartridges.

If you know someone who is a nurse, he or she may agree to bring you an unused hypodermic needle. They make a good tool for filling a cartridge, but you need to be very careful about sticking yourself. You could dull the needle and reduce the danger by dragging the tip of the needle on a light abrasive, like the unglazed part on the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup.

You can also get a plastic syringe with no sharp needle at a pharmacy. This have a curved end and are for washing a baby's mouth with a solution when the baby is teething. You can also use a glass eyedropper. These are also available in a pharmacy. All but the hypodermic needle require some modification. See the next step. The plastic syringe for flushing a baby's mouth is the easiest implement to modify.

You will need some thin brass hobby tubing from a hobby store. Cut it by rolling it under a knife blade as shown. You will need a piece about one inch long. Drill into the end of the plastic syringe. Put some epoxy glue on the hobby tubing near one end and slide it up into the hole at the end of the syringe.

The problem with a plastic syringe is that the rubber piston hardens in time and it becomes harder to squeeze just the right amount of ink into the cartridge. That is why I prefer an eye dropper. But, modifying it is a little more difficult. Score around the tip of the glass eyedropper far enough from the end that you will be able to insert a piece of brass hobby tubing after the tip has been broken off of the eyedropper.

I used a Dremel tool with a "green wheel" grinding stone. Hopefully, not too much glass will break away from the end of the eyedropper. Insert a piece of hobby tubing and glue with epoxy. After a couple of years, the eyedropper may not suck ink from the bottle like it should.Conklin pens take a wide variety of fountain pen, ballpoint and rollerball refills. Conklin fountain pens fit any brand of standard international-sized ink cartridges. Colorado Pen and Pelikan offer a wide range of ink colors in these cartridges.

You may opt to use the ink converter that came with your Conklin fountain pen. Then you can choose from any brand of bottled ink, including the huge Colorado Pen bottle, specially formulated to clean as you write.

If your Conklin pen twists or clicks at the top to deploy the point, it's a ballpoint. Check out the Ballpoint Refills for Conklin window below. Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, three point sizes and ten different colors. Select from standard ballpoint ink, liquid ink or gel ink. If your pen has a removable cap and isn't a fountain pen, it's a rollerball!

refillable fountain pen ink cartridges

Click on the Rollerball refills for Conklin window below. The options are amazing. Visit our Refill University if you would like a five minute education on pen refills, ink types and points. Customize your writing experience with all the ballpoint refill options offered by Colorado Pen. You have a ballpoint pen that refills with one of the most versatile options.

Refills for Conklin

Here you will see every Parker-style ballpoint refill we carry. Make your choice carefully or if you'd like a 'hand', give us a call at Parker-style ballpoint refills are offered in three ink types, pressurized or not, and ten different colors, all from a large range of manufacturers.

You can choose from fine, medium or broad points. Customize your writing experience with all the Parker-style ballpoint refill options offered by Colorado Pen. Conklin fountain pens can be refilled with standard international-sized ink cartridges or with the ink converter originally provided with the pen and any brand of bottled ink. Colorado Pen offers international-sized ink cartridges in 12 different colors. This specially formulated ink helps keep your Conklin fountain pen writing smoothly.

If you still have your original ink converter, Colorado Pen has a large selection of bottled ink from which to choose. Our brand arrives in a huge 90ml bottle. Pelikan offers standard ink or its premium Edelstein ink in nine vibrant colors. Waterman bottled ink is offered in all the favorite colors. The refills shown below will fit in every Conklin branded rollerball. We feature two refills from the world's largest manufacturers of refills; Monteverde and Schmidt. The Monteverde brand features the R which offers three different points sizes rare in the rollerball world.

This refill was specifically designed to replace the Schmidt found in many rollerball pens. The Monteverde Spring Loaded Fineliner offers a "felt tip" point and the Monteverde Wide Writer which features medium and broads and fits especially well in Pelikan rollerball pens.

The Pelikan branded refill is the perfect fit for your Conklin rollerball. If you are a Pelikan user these will feel just like they do in your Pelikan. And finally, we offer direct from Schmidt of Germany, the most commonly sold rollerball refill the Schmidt All of these refills fit perfectly into your Conklin rollerball pen.


Your choice is primarily one of rollerball or Spring Loaded Fineliner, colors, point sizes, brand and price.New Circa. New Reading. New Writing. New Men's. New Women's. New Tech. New Collections. New Arrivals. Circa Notebooks. Circa Discs. Circa Punches. Circa Refills.

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