Bella poarch m to the b lyrics

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bella poarch m to the b lyrics

Read Full Story. Even Taylor Swift is a fan. Their viral video is something you have to see and hear to believe. Kiran and Nivi Saishankar told me The singer has made appearances recently at awards shows and in music videos with what appeared to be a bruised, bloodied and bandaged face.

Now he's freaked some of his followers out with yet Lil' Kim could have a future superstar on her hands!. While speaking to ET via Zoom on Thursday, the legendary rapper revealed whether she'd let Royal -- the 6-year-old daughter she shares with Mr.

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Papers -- follow in her footsteps and join the music industry someday. Christina Aguilera has vowed to love herself all year. The Beautiful singer, 40, shared gorgeous Polaroid photos of herself on Instagram on Tuesday. Aguilera wore only a towel as she posed in a bathtub. The Stripped singer's bath time look included a glam black eyeliner, pink glittery eye shadow and her signature bright red lipstick.

Sound Advice — written by music industry journalist Rhian Jones and PhD researcher and musician Lucy Heyman and published by Shoreditch Press on February 28 — is a health-focused performance and career manual for aspiring and established musicians and those that work with them.

Here's the press release Sonic State. Country star Morgan Wallen and year-old pop upstart Olivia Rodrigo have gotten off to a blazing chart start, with respective bows atop the album and singles charts, respectively. Register Citizen.If that line's familiar, you've probably seen TikTok's most-watched clip ever.

But the story behind the track goes back four years to a foul-mouthed beef on the Blackpool grime scene. Its creator Millie Bracewell says the original was made as "a laugh" - and she hopes its viral success will help her launch a music career. At the end of the video, Bella locks her cartoonishly-wide eyes onto the camera as a banging bassline kicks in. The cute visuals, easy-to-copy movements, infectious mini-chorus and satisfying bass drop, all crammed into 10 seconds, are perhaps the perfect TikTok formula.

Bella's video has been watched almost half a billion times, liked 38 million times and had 1. More than seven million people have made their own videos using the track - called M to the B by Blackpool musician Millie B. I didn't really think much of it," says year-old Millie Bracewell. While Bella Poarch's TikTok creation is the epitome of girly innocence, Bracewell's original track, recorded when she was 16, is anything but.

Four years ago, the Blackpool grime scene exploded thanks to a group of MCs who did battle on YouTube by finding ever-more inventive and insulting ways to put each other down in "sends", or diss tracks. Bracewell's tune was a challenge to the queen of Blackpool grime, Sophie Aspin - and a highly offensive one at that. Aspin gave as good as she got, and the pair ended up collaborating on a track together.

Bracewell says the insults didn't stem from serious hostility, and the songs were all done for "a laugh". She says: "That wasn't me as a person back then, being nasty in the sends. Like I said, it was a front. That's the sort of front that you have when you're sending for someone. You've got to go in on them. But I wasn't a nasty person. I'm nice.

I'll help anyone. The tune and its video, filmed as she ate fries in KFC and wandered around Lidl, is the least favourite of her songs, she says. But I suppose that's what people buzzed off back then. They liked the beef, they liked the funny side.

Tracing the origins of the track back further, the beat Bracewell was rapping over was an instrumental called Skank, made in by Bordum Beats - AKA producer Dean Williams from Leeds.

Having his track on TikTok's top track was "an unreal feeling", the year-old says. And it's got my and Millie's sound on it? That's amazing.

I never charged anyone. I just wanted people to have fun and enjoy what they were doing. The track, with Bracewell's vocals, was released properly last month after being licensed by B1 Records, part of Sony. It has been hovering around the top of the Spotify viral chart - even if its lyrics mean it's unlikely to get radio airplay any time soon. A post shared by millie bracewell milliebracewellx on Sep 27, at am PDT.

Bracewell stopped rapping in and had her daughter two years ago. But she's now hoping to take advantage of her song's viral success.

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She's amassed more than a million TikTok followers, and the like count on her own videos often reaches seven figures.

During a recent trip to London, she was mobbed by children as they came out of school. She's aiming to get back into music - and not just with diss tracks. Maybe something about mental health. That's something I'm very familiar with. I'm not the kid that sends for people.Although the tune is firmly engrained in British culture, now there's thousands of recreation videos, with many TikTok users from around the world jamming to the intoxicating sound of the British rapper.

But where does the song come from? It was Decembera simpler time. Some were getting ready to receive Christmas presents but little did the internet know, it was about to receive a priceless gift — Millie B. The Blackpool-based grime artist released a series of diss tracks aimed at her arch rival Sophie Aspin. Yep, if you thought Tupac and Biggie had beef then just wait. The aspiring rappers regularly threw shots — or "sent for" — at each other through the BG Media YouTube page, which posted clips from up-and-coming grime artists from around the Blackpool area.

That's when the viral diss track was born. In case you're wondering, Sophie recorded a diss track reply at the local supermarket but sadly it didn't go quite as viral as Millie B's.

Millie B - M to the B (Official Video)

She's even responded to the infamous track on TikTok. She said: "Can someone please tell all these Americans what's going on? It's about me! If you don't know me I'm M to the B Coming in hard, you better watch it Sophie You think you're the only girl doing grime M to the B says, "Step in line" Coming in hard with my bars Sophie Aspin is about to get parred Read your bars off your iPhone 4 I don't do that shit, I do it hardcore Got murked by Little T Now you're gettin' murked by me You shagged bare lads, you're a little sket Have you heard your bars?

They're fucking pep Fucking pep, yeah, that's what they are Now listen carefully to my sick bars They scream my name like, "Yar, yar, yar" Sophie, yeah, you're a little whore Looking at your face, what the fuck's your contour?

Do you want me to lend you a blender? I'm being serious, I'm not trying to offend you Sophie, yeah, you should stick to singing 'Cause when you spit, my ears are ringing How can you shag bare lads? Is your fanny not stinging?

M to the B, Bella Poarch, and a tale of TikTok virality

I bet your fanny's fucking minging Sort out your manky Scouse brow M to the B is coming at you with a row You're enough to turn all lads camp You know that 'cause you're a fucking tramp Repping around in your shit clothes Like Josh said, what the fuck's that pose?

Saying shit about people's mums, that's tight Sophie Aspin, do you want me a fight? Bet your blowies are fucking shite Fuckin' shite, that's what I said All the boys say you give shit head That's what I said so what you gonna do?

All the things you spit about aren't even true Sophie Aspin, little rat I bet you're riddled and probs got the clap Soph, yeah, you can't murk me You're a slag, riddled with STDs Fuck that shit, couldn't be arsed being you You're an animal, you belong in a zoo I'm sending for you so what're you gonna do?

You bounce on next man's dick like a kangaroo, like a kangaroo So, Soph, where do we go from here? If I send back, I'll throw you off the pier I'm sending for you with no fear So come on Soph, what's the best you can give?In this TikTok Compilation you will Millie B - Soph Aspin Send Can't believe it, Millie B is a TikTok star now I post videos every Wednesday and Sunday!

Grime artist Sophie Aspin decides to focus on her singing career instead of grime. Subscribe to Channel 4 Documentary I've seen some bad rappers but this is something else Thanks so much for 1k Subs!

Little T Millie B Reply vert 3 years ago. Soron 4 months ago. Bella Poarch Joey Barke 5 months ago.

bella poarch m to the b lyrics

Bass too quiet? Sophie aspin and millie b live on tiktok Lord 3 months ago. OK so Sophie wanted to talk to millie but this old women can't remember her name started chatting management etc. So they Subscribe and press to join the Notification Squad and stay updated with new uploads Follow blueberry This is SuperTrending, on this channel i make sure to cover the latest news about pop culture as well as giving my thoughts on a Journey into your favourite Hope you guys are having an awesome day.

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Sorry for muting parts of this video. This was done in order to escape copyright claims. Thank You! Disclaimer video is for educational purpose only. Want to learn the piano? Meeting Little T. Little T and Sophie Aspin aim to move away from explicit lyrics with their new toned-down images.

Subscribe to Channel At the end of the video, Bella locks her cartoonishly-wide eyes onto the camera as a banging bassline kicks in. With cute visuals and a catchy mini-chorus, the clip became a sensation on the app and users followed the trend.

bella poarch m to the b lyrics

Not only that but more than seven million people have made their own videos using this song. The lyrics are very explicit, and in fact, the only clean part of the song is the one feature on these viral videos on TikTok. In the grime music scene, similar to the rap music scene, artists battle by making tracks aimed at someone — usually another grime artist — with explicit language and insulting ways to put the other down.

Four years ago, the Blackpool grime scene exploded thanks to a group of MCs who battle on Youtube. Despite all the insults and beef to Sophie Aspin, Millie, who was just 16 at the time, has said that all the songs were done for a laugh and she and Aspin ended up collaborating on a track together.

Millie, now a year-old with a daughter, hopes its viral success will help her launch a music career. Your email address will not be published.

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Privacy Policy. Skip to content. Facebook-f Twitter Instagram Pinterest. Forgot your password? Dont have an account? Sign Up. Share on facebook. Share on twitter. Share on pinterest. Share on email. Bella Poarch credit: PopBuzz. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.That song has been resuscitated and here we are going to talk about that. It was in December when an artist called Millie B came out with a lot of tracks.

Meant to be diss tracks aimed at Sophie Aspin — an arch rival of Millie B — which gained eminence.

Here's the real story behind TikTok's "M to the B" song

The songs that came out about 4 years earlier have been revived. It is on social media that the diss track has got currency on internet once again. As we said earlier it is the TikTok that has rejuvenated a song which was released about 4 years earlier. There is no dearth of new artist on the TikTok with some amazing content to show every now and then.

Similarly, the M to the B track has been revived. The song has been written by Millie, she is also known as Millie Bracewell.

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She is no more than 19 years of age. It was appreciated and liked by several people and it reached a height of popularity after 4 years again.

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It got attention of the audience once again and become a trend on TikTok. When Millie B performed that song there was a huge attention and millions of views. But attention fades as is the fact. In a user named Bella Poarch her TikTok username is bellapoarch revived that song. She has 2. She posted a post witht the M to the B as the track in the background. Ever since then TickTok has been filled with people trying that song.

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So we talked about who Millie B is and what she has done especially her performance in where she dissed her arch rival, Sophie Aspin. Sophie Aspin is a former rapper. She hails from Manchester, UK. Am to the Bee is blowing on the Tiktok these days. A little thanks is also owed to Sophie Aspin then? We talked about the M to the B song which has been released in by Millie B also known as Millie Bracewell, which was a diss directed at Sophie Aspin.

As a result Millie B rose victorious in that battle. There are so many people who have followed that diss battle and their memories are brought forward again. Thanks to TikTok. After Bella Poarch there have been hundreds of users invoking the song on the TikTok.

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M to the B Is Once Again Popular But This Time On TikTok

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